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Goldberg Car Hire (Private) Limited is a specialist car hire company that caters to the needs of the Zimbabwean diaspora for easy, unhindered, reliable and efficient movement as and when they visit their homeland. Goldberg offers premium vehicles for hire and it specializes in the Mercedes Benz range of vehicles.

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Goldberg focuses on the discerning customer who wants to maintain his/her lifestyle standard during the period of their visit to Zimbabwe. Our vehicles are maintained in pristine condition and the high-end customer will find this tasteful.

Superior service.

Goldberg’s mission is to cater to the needs and requirements of the most demanding clients and to do so with smile that never fades. Our team and our service prides itself on its customer oriented fundamentals and continues to satisfy clients successfully every single day.  Renting a car with Goldberg is not only a guarantee of tangibly superior service, but also a guarantee of efficiency upon reservation. 

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  • Luxury cars are often very smooth and quiet
  • Stylish interior and exterior
  • They are spacious
  • Great for business trips and formal occasions
  • Built with the latest technology and safety features
  • Comfortable and enjoyable to drive
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