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Goldberg Car Hire (Private) Limited is a specialist car hire company that caters to the needs of the Zimbabwean diaspora for easy, unhindered, reliable and efficient movement as and when they visit their homeland. Goldberg offers premium vehicles for hire and it specializes in the Mercedes Benz range of vehicles.

 Goldberg focuses on the discerning customer who wants to maintain his/her lifestyle standard during the period of their visit to Zimbabwe.

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How to book a car


Go to our fleet here, and select a car you want


Enter your booking details, and book, then pay using credit card.


When you booking get’s confirmed. you come collect your car.

Our Defining Qualities

Premium Service

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Our Pricing

We offer premium strictly-merc high end service for visiting Zimbabweans

What Our Clients Say About Us

Our reliable and premium vehicle allow you to maintain your lifestyle when you visit Zimbabwe

As a very busy person and workaholic, my priority is to focus on doing the work. Sometimes lending cars from friends and family is an inconvenience, and taxi hiring becomes is often times a very frustrating process, this is why I found the Goldberg service very useful and convenient.

I am very conscious pf what I expose myself to, since I cannot ship my car from overseas every time I am in Zimbabwe, I am very grateful to the Goldberg services because I can now have my own car when I am around and I can be able to social distance and maintain my lifestyle.


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